Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Hinton Tacos and Traditions: Part 1 of 2 (Elementary, Teen)

We began a tradition at our house that every Friday night we have Hinton Tacos.  Traditions in a family are important because they create unity, belonging, and intimacy among family members.  If you do not have any traditions for your immediate family, I want to challenge you to try some out.  If everyone likes a certain meal pick a day of the week, a day of the month, or at least once a year to practice this tradition.  If it is an activity or a place to visit, try to figure out a way for the whole family to do in a regular basis. These traditions will be part of the glue that ties your family together long after they are married and gone.  These are memories that they will talk about to their kids and encourage them to make family traditions for their own families as well. 

Our tradition sort of evolved as most traditions do.  When the kids were toddlers and babies, we just had Hinton Tacos every Friday.  As the kids grew up, they loved ice cream.  I wanted them to eat healthy so I decided to let them have ice cream after a meal that they really liked.  My reasoning was that they would fill up on their favorite food and not eat as much ice cream.    Everyone liked Hinton Tacos so that became the night.  The kids looked forward to Fridays because Friday was Hinton Tacos and icecream.  They also loved watching tv and movies.  Once they started school, they did not watch tv or movies Monday through Thursday so they could focus on their homework.  So Friday night became the night that we sat together and watched a family movie.  By the time they were all in Elementary School  it was Hinton Tacos, icecream, and a family movie.  The movie has been more of a challenge as the kids get older.  So now we do a boy movie one week and a girl movie the next.  The rule is that you must stay at least the first 30 min and then you can leave.  Sometimes we get a good one that everyone stays for, but most of the time it is either the boys staying or the girls staying.  Sometime we will even show a boy and a girl movie at the same time especially if it is a mushy, gushy one that the boys REALLY don’t want to see and it is violence packed movie that the girls REALLY don’t want to see.  To break up the movie monotony sometimes we would throw in a game night once a month.  However, I have to admit as the kids get older this has been harder.  Some games that were our favorites were Monopoly, Clue, and Cranium Jr.  With all of our schedules, by Friday we are all tired and just want to relax. 


Next week I’ll post the recipe of Hinton Tacos , some variations, and history if your family loves Tex Mex and wants to try our family fave. 

What traditions do you do in your family?  Do you think family traditions are important? 

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