Monday, April 1, 2013

Rice Diet Update: Monday Night (Teenagers)

The kids were a bit disappointed to see that mom actually intended to carry out this plan of only eating rice, vegetables, and a bit of meat for dinner.  I have a feeling there will be a lot of sneaky runs this evening as hunger pains set in for those who are more picky.  My two girls asked if they could eat with their fingers.  I thought, why not!   So they dove in.  My husband, who has been to India and has had to eat with his hands, informed them that they were doing it incorrectly.  Apparently you have to eat from the end of your fingers and of course only use your left hand.  You know, you use the right one for an unmentionable task you do in the bathroom.   At least that is where the taboo seems to originate from. 

Here is what we had tonight:

The glass dish is the boiled chicken, the cream colored dish is noodles and fried vegetables, and the plastic container is Jasmine rice. 

I'll keep you posted about tomorrow night!

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