Monday, January 21, 2013

Anniversary of Roe V Wade (Birth -Teenager)

Tomorrow is the 40th Anniversary of Roe V Wade.  For those of you who may not know what this is all about, it is the Supreme Court case that made it legal for a woman to have an abortion for any reason.  There are probably going to be articles and videos talking about how much good has come from this court case, as well as, articles and videos talking about how much bad has come.   As a wife and mother of four children, I have some strong views about abortion.  I would never have one myself.  It has been difficult in my life to kill an animal.  I cannot imagine what it would be like to live with the fact that I have killed my own baby.  I also would never want my daughters to have an abortion.   They would have to live with the guilt as well.  I have spoken to women who have had abortions and they talk about the extreme emotional hurt that comes from it.  It even colors their relationships with their living children.  Abortions spell pain, hurt, loss, grief, separation, and confusion to a woman.  Why would I want that for any girl friend?  There is another reason I don't like abortion.  And this reason may seem like a strange one.  According to the book Freakanomics the authors came to the conclusion that the reason the crime rates were falling in the United States during the 90's was because of Roe V Wade 20 years earlier.  It seems that according to their data, the women having the most abortions are the same women who are giving birth to the most criminals.  That would seem like a good thing, but it is so tragic.  I want you to imagine that young girl who finds herself pregnant.  She is either living on the streets or barely off of them.  She is not married.  She does not have a man who wants to take care of her or her baby.  So she does what she feels like she must.  She aborts her baby.  Now she has all of the emotional baggage that comes with an abortion without any relational support.  She doesn't have a loving dad.  That was why she was promiscuous in the first place.  She might possibly have a mom she can talk too.  Society says, "Look, we just got rid of a potential criminal."  But look at what it did for the girl.  Look at the message society sent to the young man who used her for his pleasure.  Look at what it did to that young life that will never know a mother's touch or a dad's playful hand.  Abortion did not solve anything.  It actually made life MUCH WORSE for the young woman.    According to abortion supporters, abortion is supposed to free women, but in reality it just brings more chains. 
There is a wonderful alternative to an abortion. It also just so happens to start with an "a".  It is adoption.  There are  many families who would love to adopt a baby.   When a woman gives life to her baby instead of death, she is doing the BEST thing for her baby.  I think any woman who chooses to give her baby up for adoption deserves our highest respect for her unselfish brave act.  She doesn't live with the guilt of taking her baby's life, instead she gave her baby a hope and future.  She gave them the chance to LIVE.  That is what I want for every woman I know.  I want them to live.  I want them to love.  I want them to live in freedom.  So on this anniversary, choose for yourself and your family what you should do.  What is truly best for you and your daughters?   What is best for our children?   Choose LIFE! 

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