Friday, March 16, 2012

Book Review: Constantly Craving (Parenting)

Constantly Cravings by Marilyn Meberg is a book that explores our most basic cravings of romance, contentment, happiness, friendship, time, more meaning, God’s purpose, solitude, revenge,  and forgiveness.  She explains why we have these cravings, how they direct our behavior and our thinking.  She also gives us the pitfalls of giving in to these cravings rather than to going to the ONE who gave us these cravings. 
Overall I found much substance in the book.  For example on her chapter of happiness she shares her technique to always see the positive.  I do the same and finally had a way to explain it to my confused husband.  I also felt that she clearly explained the cravings so that I identified with them and was able to see them in my own life. 
There were two areas that I felt were lacking.  One was a mistake I found where Ms. Meberg defines the greek word for love “philos” as romantic love.  Actually the definition of “philos” is brotherly love.  That is where we get the name “Philadelphia”, the city of brotherly love.   The closest thing we have to true love is “agape”.  This is a word that the writers made up because there wasn’t a Greek word for a love that was a decision, sacrificial, and self binding.  The second aspect was more application is what to do with these intense cravings in the light of scripture.  I felt that each chapter was very explained and thorough until this was broached.   
I would definitely encourage someone who is restless to read this book, especially if they are trying to make some life changing decisions.  They may understand for the first time that they experiencing cravings that all of us face.   It might help them to put words to their feelings to be able to communicate with those they love.  In the end, they would be more equipped to make better choices. 

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