Saturday, February 4, 2012

Now We Are Supposed To Be Studying French Parenting?

Another book is coming out this week that now debunks the Chinese parenting styles that were supposed to cure all of our American parenting problems. It seems that the French have a far superior way of raising their children and we should instead be emulating them.  I guess I am just more of a product driven girl.  I want to see the results.  After all I was born in the “Show Me” state of Missouri (pronounced mi-zer –ah for all of you out-of-staters) and I want to see the end product of this parenting style.  It seems to me that if you look at the Chinese way, you end up with a big “C” and I am not talking about confidence, confession, or camaraderie.  I am talking Communism.  Their parenting style took them right into a dictator with a  limitless power of government.  That is not a happy ending.  And in my opinion, are the French any different?     They have a socialist state where they expect the government to take care of their  every whim.    They even have such a shortage of children that they have been paying couples to have kids since World War 2.  Good grief!  What in the world went wrong?   I think I will just stick to my good ole American parenting.  At least that has made us a world leader, kept Democracy up and running, and has established a work ethic like no other nation on earth. We have kept corruption at a surprising bay compared to the rest of the world.  We are leaders of innovation and higher education.  Let’s see the Chinese and French beat that! 

What are your thoughts?


  1. I did read an article about the book, some good points from the author. Maybe these authors should to change the title of their books to something a little less condenscending.

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