Saturday, November 5, 2011

What Makes a Great Single Mom (Birth-Teenager)

It is such a unique opportunity to be a mother.  Not every woman gets to shape and instill her values and character into another human being.   I have known some single mothers who were amazing.  I think there were three things that really made a difference in their parenting. 

No Self Pity
One was that these women did not loathe in self pity and bring that into the relationship with their kids.  Sure, there were times of grief if they did not start out as single parents, but once they had come to terms with the new chapter of their lives, they embraced it and clung to what was good and right.  They did not dwell on what they felt “could have been”. 

Rally The Resources
The second was that these women did not fall for the lie that they could raise these children without a father.  They knew that they needed someone to step into this role for their children.  So they actively sought out good men to fill these roles.  They were very upfront with these men and clearly communicated the needs of their children and their children thrived as a result.  They asked their own fathers, father-in-law, brothers, brothers-in-law, men from their faith community, and men who were of character to act as a father to their kids.  

The Deep Well of Faith
The third is faith.  Every one of the single mothers who were raising awesome kids also had a deep faith in God.  I believe that there is a Being who understands the widow, the forgotten woman, the woman who is broken, and the woman who is overwhelmed.  If she will humble herself, there is a vast deep well of strength, wisdom, and comfort for her.   He is not a stranger to our sorrows.  He is a father to the fatherless.  His face always sees our needs.  If we reach out to Him in simple faith, He will meet us and the needs of our kids.

What do you think makes a great single mom?    

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