Thursday, July 21, 2011

Getting A Teenager To Write! (Teenager)

I have a teenager who absolutely hates to write.  We are now in the last month of summer before school starts and momma is getting sick of tired of all of the video games and tv watching.  It  was so much easier to drag them out of the house when they were young, but when they are older, it is downright punishment to take them to the library, pool, or the absolute worst: shopping.  So this morning when my teenager, who hates writing, begain complaining about his restriction of gaming, I proposed a deal.  If he wrote me a one page double spaced essay on the benefits of gaming, he could have 10 hours of gaming.  Of course, it had to be a finshed copy with at least two edits with me doing the third.  He started this morning and finaly finished about 30 minutes ago.   So here it is in all of its glory.  Feel free to brag on him.  He has struggled with writing his whole life, but LOVES to read.  It may take him awhile to read your comments though, because you know, he's gaming....

Why Video Games are better then TV

               I think that video games are better and more healthier for the brain than television.  These are my opinions.       
              First of all when you watch television you just sit on a couch all day and look at the screen and do nothing. More than 75%of the content is just pure trash. You do not use your brain in any kind of way you do not think, remember, or learn anything while watching TV. When you watch TV it is just you. In a video game you work together with other people to accomplish a goal.  But the 25% less content is okay, but you just learn and do nothing.  People eat food while watching TV which can make you fat.  I don’t know how you can do that playing video games.
Video games on the other hand, allow you to learn different things like strategies and to learn from your mistakes.  You remember how to play and what different things in the game do.  In the Navy and Air Force they use simulations like video games to teach pilots how to fly and fight in combat.
 In some video games like Age of Empires and Civilization Call to Power you learn history and learn how to govern a society . Also when you play video
games sometimes you can communicate with the people you are playing with like on Xbox Live. In video games you use your arms and legs. Like on Wii Fit but going outside is probably better. Now I have told you how video games are more healthier than television. But you still shouldn’t play them all day. This has concluded my persuasive paper.  I hope you think the same.

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