Monday, March 14, 2011

Japan, Tsunamis, and Family

As I was reading all of the terrible reports coming from Japan, I was fascinated and horrified by the terrible destruction of the tsunami which hit this past week.  As I was looking at the pictures of Japanese faces, I begin to try to put myself in their shoes.   Their lives will be forever altered by shaking plates and towering waves.  Thousands upon thousands are waiting in shelters, others are still stranded, and for others, there will be no tomorrow.  They estimate that the dead will be close to 10,000.  And this number, tragically, is a low estimate. Is there anything that one mother could do to bring hope?

So I decided to ask my family to pray for the families of Japan before supper tonight.  I got some pictures from media sources to pass around the table.  The pictures showed families, the destruction, and the pain of Japan.  I asked my boys to pray for the boys, my girls to pray for the girls, my husband prayed for the fathers, and I prayed for the mothers.  We passed around the pictures and talked about what some of the families were going through.  Then we prayed.

Will one family in Cypress, Tx gathered around the dinner table make a difference in a place half way across the globe?   Actually we won’t, but the one true God who hears our prayer, will. 


  1. These kinds of disasters leave me with a helpless feeling. Thankfully we serve a powerful God who is not helpless.