Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Barfarama (Birth- Preschool)

I am just going to be honest.  My least two favorite things to do are clean up diarrhea and vomit.  But one night I was up to my armpits in the latter. 
We only had three children at the time.  It was a Saturday night.  And since my husband is a preacher who preaches Sunday morning, we had all gone to bed early.  My husband who sleeps the lightest woke me up around 11:00PM.  He had heard child #3 crying.  I walked down the hallway willing my eyes to stay open.  I came to the crib and there was vomit everywhere.  I picked up the child, carried her downstairs to our only bathtub and started bathing her.  I brought her clean back upstairs.  I laid her on the floor and started changing all of the sheets.  I got her settled with clean sheets and towels and went back to bed.  Then I was nudged again, but this time my husband had woken up and taken care of barfer #2, but needed some help with changing the sheets and cleaning up the carpet.  After we had him on the floor with a sleeping bag and towels, we went  back to bed.  Then I woke up again with #1 standing by the bed saying, “Mom I threw up.”

I asked, “Did you make it in the toilet?”
“Yes,” he responded weakly.  Oh bless this child.  The joys of vomit toilet training.  It was almost better than sliced bread!  I got up and tucked him back in.  I put a towel on his pillow and a barf bowel beside his bed.  Then as I was walking down the hall, I heard my husband in the bathroom. 
“Are you okay?” I asked.
“No”, was the faint reply. “I just threw up.”
Now this was a record.  We had never had four throwing up at once.  I laughed as I helped him back into bed.  Of course he wasn’t amused.  Then about an hour later, I was running to the bathroom.  This time he was laughing.  All of us throwing up and it was Saturday night!  But leave it to my husband, he still preached a few hours later! 
Do you have any funny throw-up stories??


  1. Thankfully we haven't had to cross the vomit bridge yet with our 3 year old or 8 month old. I know it's coming someday though! BTW, the blog is great!


  2. One winter back when we just had 4 children, it seemed they passed one sickness after another on to each other. I had missed church four Sundays in a row. In exasperation I said, "I wish they would all just get sick at the same time and get it over with." Well, they did...with the stomach flu. They all started in vomiting over a 8 hour time period. All I did was empty buckets, change sheets, and try to clean up the bathroom for a 24 hour period. Sometimes there was only a 15 minute break between someone throwing up. I will never ever wish for everyone to be sick at the same time again.

  3. just a note for anyone who may read this later- a large plastic coffee container, with lid, is a handy thing to keep clean under the kitchen sink! my son got sick at a friend's house and she gave him one while we were cleaning up her rug and I was cleaning up my favorite Christmas sweater, baby Jesus with puke down the end of His manger. anyway, these can be dumped in the toilet then rinsed easily, kinda have a handle and have a lid to keep the smell down if you're in the car. and it's something you mind giving to someone and not getting it back (of course, ziploc bags can kinda serve this purpose, but the aim has to be a little more accurate there...) Another thing for newish moms that helped me eventually- my daughter is our puker and when she gets going during the night, i'll have her rest/sleep with her head on me; usually she will start wrestling a little bit before she wakes up to full blown puking and that's enough to wake me so i am able to help her and myself at the same time.