Monday, December 20, 2010

Holiday Break With Out Breaking Your Sanity (Elementary, Teenager)

For some of us the holiday break is a time when we have to come up with an alternative sitter because we only get a few days off.  But we don’t want to punish our kids because we have to work.  For others, it means we will be off work with our kids.  And for others, the quiet house where we found our peace and quiet is going to be seriously invaded.  Here are some tips for all three camps. 

For those of us who will only have a few days off, you can still plan some activities at home.  For you, you need to do more things at home that are restful and peaceful.  Your child is getting up every day to go to the sitter while you are at work, so they would like some downtime at home too.  Take advantage of your weekends to get away to see family or that special trip you promised your kids.  Choose one home project that cannot be skipped, but don’t try to pack in all the ones that your stay at home mom did.  Your children just want your time and attention. 

For those of us who get the entire holiday off with our kids, take at least a couple of days to just veg.   You need the break and they probably do to.   Sleep in a few days and leave them unstructured.  Later, you can do some projects at home like baking, crafts, or a tradition you do every year.  And if you are traveling, make sure and pick up some $1 items to unwrap in the car and forget the movies.  Instead go the library and get some books on cd.   Your kids will never forget the trip!    

For the rest of us who are loosing our wonderful, quiet home for two weeks, take a long deep breath and PLAN!   You have time to make some precious memories with your kids.  Make a loose schedule of what you would like the kids to be doing.  This will make your space feel less invaded and you will feel more purposeful.    Again, give them a few days off to just sleep and lay around.  Maybe even make one day a pajama day.    Baking something together is a must.  Taking them Christmas shopping for their friends and relatives is way for them to give back.  You can even make some gifts.  Check out Julie’s web site for some awesome ideas:   Go to a museum in your city.  Team up with another friend and get together for a play date.  She will enjoy the break while both of your kids play. 

What are some ideas you have to make a great holiday break?


  1. Love it! and Thanks for the reminder about the library....that is EXACTLY where T wants to head! :) Enjoy YOUR family time :)

  2. We are having a swell time! I LOVE the library. Happy reading!